April 21st Summary

Latest list have been posted. True street is crazy tight with tie breakers coming up for multiple spots. It's looking like a 3 way race for the 10th place bump spot. Will Fudd Johnston get his gremlins solved before Ben Moore runs away with it? Does Ken Woodward have more in the tank for the next event? And watch out for EJ Brown He's the reason you can't miss an event. I'm looking forward to the next Top Ten to see what happens in True Street.

Street Truck saw a new comer with Buddy Pravata taking home the cash and 10pts. He's now tied with Derek Hopwood for 2nd place and Darryl Harvey has moved into the number 1 position with his White Lightning being a consistent top performer.

Street Et was great! Mike "Pops" Peavy might have earned a new nickname with the tree chopping display he put on. Driving Micah Peavy's car all the way into the winners circle for the cash and the respect. Nice Job!

I keep hearing about people building setups to chase down Earl Schexnayder, but they missed their chance yesterday. Earl was busy showing the OKC guys what's up with LA racers, but no one showed to stake their claim on Street Outlaw. Is Earl unbeatable in this class?

Feb 16 Schedule

Schedule for Feb 16 at No Problem Raceway

9:00 AM- Gates Open "Get your spot set up and go to the appropriate staging lanes for tech"

10:30 - 30 mile Cruise will depart. "Street Outlaw, True Street, Street Truck"

11:00- First Round of Qualifying for Group 1 "275 vs 10.5 and Street Et"

11:30- First Round Qualifying for Group 2 "Street Outlaw, True Street, Street Truck"

12:00 Second Round of Qualifying for Group 1

12:30- Second Round Qualifying for Group 2

1:00 First Round of Eliminations for Group 1

1:30 First Round of Eliminations for Group 2

2:00 Second Round of Elimination for Group 1

2:30 Second Round of Elimination for Group 2

This format will be carried out to the final round.

TNT will run starting when the track goes hot around 9:30 - 10:00 until 1:00. After that it will only be run as time allows between rounds and after the finals round.

Countdown to Sunday

Weather is looking great with no rain and mid 60s to low 70s temps. It's looking like a great day for racing. 

Gates open at 9 and track will go hot for Testing early.  The 30 mile cruise for Street Outlaw, True Street, and Street Truck will depart at 10:30.  While the cruisers are gone qualifying for 275 vs 10.5 and Street Et elimination rounds will begin. When the cruise returns a 30 minute cool down will begin and the Heads up Street Classes will being qualifying. After that the rounds will progress with all classes running in rotation until the finals.


Any racer who is eliminated can continue to run TnT all day.
LISTEN for the call to the lanes! We have a lot of racing to get through and delays waiting on individuals cause big problems.

Street Outlaw... Who has the fastest Street Driven vehicle around?

We've all seen the guys claiming to have the fastest street cars "now Street Raced" cars in the country. Vehicles show up on trailers and lane prep continues for 660'. It's good entertainment but are they really the country's fastest? I don't think so. In fact I think we have faster racers with Real Street cars right here in our own back yard. That's what Top Ten Street Outlaw is all about. Finding out who really is the fastest racer in a real Street car. What makes a street car you ask? That topic has been the source of more than a few heated internet discussion. Some people say a license plate and insurance make it street legal so that's a street car, No matter if the block is full of concrete. Some people say if it has safety equipment it's not a street car. I say the only thing that matters is; Can it be driven on the street like any other car? That's why the only rule for the Top Ten Throwdown Street Outlaw Challenge is the racer must complete a 30 mile cruise.

2013 provided a good idea of the level of local cars. Everything from Twin Turbo Big Blocks, Big Nitrous Small Blocks, and a growing number of Big Turbo Small Blocks entered and proved that not only does this area have some of the fastest cars in the country. They are REAL street cars.

2014 is going to be an exciting season. The racers from 2013 and newcomers will fight it out over 8 races for the #1 spot on the Top Ten Street Outlaw list and prove who really has the fastest Street Car.

Are you fast enough to make the list?