Join the promoter program and make extra money! Each promoter will be assigned a promoter code. Your code must be marked on each flier. Help promote by handing out fliers at car meets, car shows, and distributing stacks to car audio and performance shops around town. You will receive $2 for each flier with your code that is brought back to the show! Spectators bring in the fliers because of the admission coupon. Checks are mailed out to promoters within two weeks after the event. If 100 of your fliers are brought back, you get $200! The more you pass out, the more money you will make!  *Promoters can not pass out their fliers on the day of the show at the front gate.  Any promoters caught doing so are ineligible for payout.  The point of the program is to help attract spectators to the event, not take credit/steal pay for the ones already there.

To be a promoter, please contact Matt at 225.324.9615.