$15 Spectator Tickets

Racer Tech Card fee and payouts listed with rules.



For event status info when the weather looks questionable, call the TTT phone line at 225-324-9615 or check with the track hosting the event that day. (State Capitol Raceway -(225) 627-4574)  (No Problem Raceway-866-50-RACING  (866-507-2246) If an event is completely canceled after gates have opened, spectators can use their arm band for discounted or free entry (depending on what time of day the event is canceled) into any future TTT event.  If event is canceled before eliminations begin, racers will receive free race admission into any future TTT event.  If a race is canceled after the first round of eliminations, payouts are split evenly with those left in the competition. Once gates have opened, there are no refunds. This is standard policy for all outdoor events (motorsports or baseball).